Custom Virtual Reality Development

3D Modeling & Animation

Everything you need to convert your models to game-ready assets, including UV wrapping, texturing, rigging and animation.

Game Development

We leverage industry standard tools to create high-end, polished games for all popular VR platforms.

Training Simulations

Save time and money with cost-effective, custom VR training software for your unique business processes.

Motion Capture

Create realistic animations effeciently with our cutting-edge, full-body motion capture toolset.

Interactive Experiences

We program immersive interactive environments, powerful game AI, and accessible UI/UX features.

VR Catering

Let us deliver exciting VR experiences, including all necessary hardware, to your next party or corporate event.

Community Hub

Treefort acts as a hub for VR creators and enthusiasts, empowering aspiring creators with community support and resources. Get involved →

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